Birthday Party Cork

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If you are planning a birthday party Cork for your children you will realise that they have over the last few years become very sophisticated and expensive affairs.

The most important birthday for a Cork child is the first party that they host when they first go into primary school. The childrens birthday party in Cork is an opportunity for that child to make friends and be the centre of attraction at their birthday party.

The first step is to decide who to invite. Cork parents usually take the safest course which is to invite all the children in the class. This has two advantages. The first is that no child is excluded and secondly the birthday child gets more presents. The disadvantage is the cost to the parent.

The numbers at Cork childrens birthday parties decrease as the children get older. They will only be interested at that stage in inviting those kids in their class with whom they have something in common.

Birthday supplies can be bought cheaply in supermarkets such as Supervalu, Aldi or Lidl.

Having decided who to invite, the Cork child brings the birthday invitations into school and usually gives them to the class teacher to distribute.

Cork parents often choose to have the party at a fun activity centre such as Monkey Maze in Glanmire or Planet on the Old Mallow Road The advantage of this is that parties usually only last for two hours and there is no cleaning up to be done at the end. The disadvantages are that it can be costly if you are on a tight budget. Both those venues are very well run and reasonably priced

A very popular option is to have the birthday party at the childs home. This usually works out cheaper than the activity centre option but is more stressful for the parent.

Planning the birthday party will be easier if the parent chooses a theme. Popular choices are Spiderman, Batman, Dora the Explorer and Barbie.

The party will go very well if you buy birthday party supplies.

Often the childs parents will decide to hire a bouncy castle to keep the children amused. A major part of our income comes from birthday parties held in Cork peoples home. Phone Mike on 087-6146733 to book your bouncy castle.

Cork children are no different to other children around the world. They eat copious amounts of sweets, hot food and drink plenty of minerals at the birthday parties.

All Cork kids expect and get a party bag when leaving the birthday party

Birthday Party Games

All good birthday parties need birthday party games to be played. You won't go wrong if you play Blindmans Bluff, Pass the Parcel, O'Grady says, Sack races and the old favourite egg and spoon races.